How Can I Keep From Getting Sick?


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Though Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow on Groundhog day, predicting an early spring; and though Sunday morning while making my way to church I heard the beautiful call of spring birds, people are still coming down with colds and flu.  Why, just this morning one of my employees called in sick with a nasty head cold!

The simple question is, “How can I keep from getting sick?” 

First, keep your immune system strong. 


Eat a processed-food-free diet low in sugar and rich in whole foods. 

“What does that mean?”  

Check out the Dietary Guidelines – Weston A Price from the Weston A. Price Foundation.  Do take a look, because what you see may just surprise you.  Better, print out that list and keep it handy in your kitchen!

Then, if you tend towards catching things easily, use one, any combination, or all of these immune-system-balancing nutritional supplements:

  • Beta-glucan 1,3/1,6-D – Beta glucans contain healthy polysaccharides. Some beta glucans are grown on oats, barley, or mushrooms, but for our purposes of boosting immune system strength, I favor those grown on yeast.  A study published in Food & Nutrition Sciences demonstrated “a prophylactic effect of yeast beta-glucan on the occurrence of common colds as opposed to placebo. In addition, when these episodes occurred, they were from the beginning less pronounced and subsided faster.”
  • Moducare™ – Moducare is a supplement containing plant sterols and sterolins. It works to balance the immune system; modulating when hyperimmune conditions are present, such as autoimmune illness and allergies, and at the same time strengthening when the immune system is weak, as in the case of catching things easily, fighting cancer, etc.  Moducare also comes in a tasty grape chewable waferRead more about Moducare and the immune system.
  • Monolaurin – from coconut oil, kills all the lipid coated viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The list is impressive from influenza, strep to all of the herpes viruses including Epstein-Barr, HIV, strep, hepatitis, and much, much more.  Zika and Ebola are both lipid-coated viruses.  For more details and an explanation of how monolaurin works, as well as a more comprehensive listing of vulnerable organisms, check out this is terrific article by Dr. Ward Bond.

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Finally, when you feel that first sign of an impending cold or flu attack, use botanical medicines that cut it off at the pass, such as my:

  • Nip It in the Bud – A combination of three forms of Echinacea with goldenseal root. Echinacea boosts the immune system, and goldenseal is a natural antiinfective agent.
  • Flu-ENZ – the above with the addition of plants that are studied and shown to be effective against influenza and para-influenza viruses, such as black elderberry, olive leaf, and several more.

Be prepared, and you just might find yourself wondering – in a couple of years – when it was you were last sick!