Parkinson’s Disease – Not hopeless – the do’s and the don’ts


parkinsons-dreamstime_xs_49303798by Rebecca Montrone

Parkinson’s Disease is one of those dreaded degenerative diseases, the diagnosis of which – or even the fear of – can result in feelings of hopelessness and despair.  However, developing diseases such as this one is not inevitable.  There are causative factors that can be controlled, and there are some novel and exciting dietary and nutritional supplement strategies that can go far towards preventing, slowing down, and – I believe – even reversing Parkinson’s disease.

I have put together a very informative page with many hyperlinks for your own information and enlightenment.  Please check it out here.

This material will also be presented on WKBK radio Saturday, October 1, from noon to 1 pm.  If you miss it, check back later for the podcast post.

“Go to health!”  beck-20


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