by Rebecca L. Montrone


It’s interesting.  I’ve been doing some reading this week on the many studied health “bennies” that come with having a grateful mindset or “gratitude attitude.”  In many cases, it seems the perception is that gratitude stands alone.  Kinda like faith.  “I have faith.”  But… faith in what or in whom?  “I have gratitude.” Who… WHAT am I thanking?

I find all over the web encouragement to spend five minutes a day thinking about what we are thankful for and writing it down in a journal.  Hey, in my opinion, if you have to set aside five minutes a day to think about being grateful, you don’t have a “gratitude attitude.”  A grateful spirit is one that pours forth thanksgiving as an unceasing undercurrent to all of life.  AND it does require we know who we are grateful to.

Me?  I thank God.  Yep.  Radical, right?

I wish you all a Wondrous and Joyous Thanksgiving, and may gratitude mark our lives every moment of every day, and may “Thank You” be the first words we think of when we briefly awaken in the middle of the night!






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